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Transport and logistics

RouteHorizon Orders

Order management software package

You want to do the planning easy and transparent, and that the routes are optimized and generating minimal cost?
Want to dynamically manage your business?
Want to manage deliveries without delays and errors?
Transparency, accuracy and customer satisfaction is at the first place?


Maximum efficiency

Rely on a system for planning and optimization of transport routes and have an insight into the realization.
Choose a map format and visual layout that is tailored to your organizational model, enter all important locations and associate strategic partners, transportation routes and route templates.
At your service is a tool that provides you with an unlimited number of opportunities for reorganization and optimization of business in the field.


Current adaptation to circumstances

With RouteHorizon and dynamic routing, you get almost instantaneous calculations of the best solutions for all work tasks.
Find the shortest route for all vehicles at your disposal considering all the relevant data, react promptly to sudden changes or changes in priority and increase the efficient fleet.

Better management

Business under control

Manage transport orders and monitor warehouse availability, be notified of vehicle location at any time in just a few clicks, at any time.
Control your business in each of its segments.


Real-time tracking

RouteHorizon’s GPS Monitoring goes far beyond conventional GPS tracking.
At one click, there are data on the location of the vehicle, engine diagnostics, you can view maps, receive reports, and have an insight into the driver’s behavior.
You monitor absolutely all the data that affect the efficiency and operation of your fleet, regardless of its number.


Expand the portfolio of regular clients

Offer customers the best conditions, always find reliable and available associates and subcontractors and allow goods to circulate without delay.
Automate search and improve communication on the way to greater income and continuous improvement.

Better results and further development

Without agreeing to solid

Place yourself on the market as a highly professional company that knows how to organize and realize transport.


Plan to manage effectively

Dynamic routing

Shift routes in real time

Manage transport

Prompt and accurate deliveries

Improve the supply chain

Strengthen the chain, increase earnings


For all types of companies where transport is an important area of business

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RouteHorizon is a software package for transport management implemented by Infora Research Group – a team of top mathematicians, programmers and creative researchers from Serbia.

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