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Accelerate the supply chain

From information to realization in the shortest possible way

Supply chain objective is meeting the needs and demands of your clients, but its fast and easy operation may be seemed unreachable.
How to balance the information to accurately plan and manage, raise the efficiency of transport and delivery, maximize warehouse and inventory – without losses and downtime?
How to accelerate the flow of information in the company, improve processes and harmonize the connection between goals and available resources?


Avoid complications

In companies, the supply chain is inefficient primarily due to its extreme complexity.

RouteHorizon allows you to maximally simplify and systematize all the important data with which you get a clear overview and full realization.

Organized and synchronized data in a few clicks.


For greater efficiency

At any time, you are provided with an insight into the current real situation in the Company, and your customers have an insight into the status of the shipment and the exact time of delivery.


Maximum resource utilization

By increasing efficiency, avoiding errors, delays, and complicated solutions you reduce unnecessary costs and eliminate errors.

Better management

Business under control

With RouteHorizon, you keep a complex system of important data under control, increase communication between employees and customers and when planning you take into account the optimal availability of all resources, all in the simplest possible way.

Research and development

We continuously listen needs of the market, follow modern trends and create the most efficient solutions.

Solution implementation

The implementation of new solutions requires intensive support. We are here for all your questions and concerns.

Consultations and trainings

Our team is always there for you. Employee training, consultations and trainings until the final autonomy in using application.


Plan to manage effectively

Dynamic routing

Shift routes in real time

Manage transport

Prompt and accurate deliveries

Improve the supply chain

Strengthen the chain, increase earnings


For all types of companies where transport is an important area of business

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RouteHorizon is a software package for transport management implemented by Infora Research Group – a team of top mathematicians, programmers and creative researchers from Serbia.

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