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Infora has been cooperating with MK Group since 2015, where most of the development is directed towards the Sunoco company. The result of the cooperation is the software tool RouteHorizon Field, which consists of several modules, including two web and three android applications, which monitor the entire vegetative process of sugar beet cultivation, including the organization of  transport from the field to the factories. During the sugar beet campaign, RouteHorizon uses over 800 vehicles and dozens of users from the Company daily. The software is integrated with SAP.

As part of the RouteHorizon system, Infora has developed an e-delivery note and electronic travel order.

The data are oxygen – Bijelić Aleksandar, Chief Digital Officer, MK Group

Kopaonik Business Forum 2020

„20,000 tons of sugar beet are processed daily in our three factories, 800 trucks enter those three factories daily during the 100 days of the campaign, 3 times a day one truck goes to visit certain fields and during 24 hours we take sugar beet  from the field . For Sunoko to achieve and significantly, almost twice, improve its efficiency, we had to map all the dirt roads, to have our own geoportal where we follow where the trucks are going. We had to do one more thing, those trucks are not ours, we work with partners and subcontractors. Each truck has a tablet, has a GPS and completely digitally received data from our dispatch centre.

What did we try to do with that? To raise efficiency significantly, to lower costs, to reduce the number of trucks needed and these are enormous.”

The project refers to the so-called Up Stream, i.e. the organization of transport from wells to collection stations and to the refinery. Over 2000 trucks and passenger vehicles are involved in this project. The web and android have been developed and the system is closely integrated with several different application software used by NIS.
The complete process is digitized.
The system is used by over 1000 employees.

Since 2016, Infora, together with the company Zesium from Novi Sad, has been intensively developing a consumer application for collaboration in traffic called OneTraffic. It is a system that combines business and individual users and enables the exchange of relevant real-time information on traffic situations and conditions in a particular region. The main beneficiaries of the OneTraffic system are currently Norwegian Roads, and the project is supported by Norway’s national innovation fund.

In 2013 INFORA enters a synergetic development project with MERCATA whose result was a platform for planning and analysing transport routes.
The use of the RouteHorizon application has led to significant savings in logistics costs, with the added effect of integrating RouteHorizon into the existing ERP – primarily to analyse the cost of incoming tasks and automate operational planning.

Here is what Zoran Komadina, logistics manager from MERCATA, has to say about the RouteHorizon application:

“Our job requires constant creativity and originality. It is an exceptional experience to work with a team from INFORA that has managed to understand specifics of our business. They created a tool that allows us to generate optimized routes, to visualise and easy manual correction in relation to all potential limitations. Today, we can check and evaluate all route planning ideas in a faster and more elegant way.

Based on a pilot project, Nelt and Infora formalized their cooperation at the end of June 2020.
It is a system solution for synchronized planning of sales and delivery. This project is part of Nelt’s business process digitalization strategy, which should enable cost control, compliance and timely response to market demands, all to increase customer satisfaction. The solution that has been applied is the first of its kind in the region, and when the frequency of supply and the number of points of sale that one distribution company serves are taken into account, first of all on a global scale.


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RouteHorizon is a software package for transport management implemented by Infora Research Group – a team of top mathematicians, programmers and creative researchers from Serbia.

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