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Oil industry

RouteHorizon Oil

Module package for the oil industry

Complete package

Keep things under control

RouteHorizon is a powerful combination of tools that solves the key problems that your industry is facing
  • Optimization of transport routes;
  • Transport monitoring;
  • Detailed analytics;
  • Digital map management;
  • Vehicle and driver management system;
  • Transport management system.


Digital maps that adapts to your needs

Create a map format and visual layout that is tailored to your organizational model, enter all important locations and route templates.
At your service is a tool that provides you with an unlimited number of opportunities for reorganization and optimization of business in the field.
Visualize your business.

Plan tactically

Plan your activities, do not let those managing you

Make optimum weekly, monthly, and quarterly tactical plan for your activities.
Have a cost projection. Follow deviations. Manage.

Dynamic routing

Currently adapting on circumstances

With Route Horizon and dynamic routing, you get almost instantly accurate calculations of the best solutions for all work tasks.
Find the shortest route for all vehicles you manage considering all information that is relevant, react promptly to sudden changes or changes in priorities of and increase efficient fleet.


The business that is in yours hands

RouteHorizon gives you access to the data based on which you can take advantage of the maximum potential of all resources considering the capacity of commercial vehicles, amounts and time frames.
At any time, you are given an insight into the current real situation both in the Company and in the field.
With RouteHorizon your business is transparent, even in very complex system.


Automation and Process Optimization

Download data from the database, fill in data on permits and certificates, set parameters and criteria for requirements, vehicles and employees, charges and price lists and create a weekly / monthly tactical work plan.
Automate the process from the moment the request is created to the invoice verification.


Plan to manage effectively

Dynamic routing

Shift routes in real time

Manage transport

Prompt and accurate deliveries

Improve the supply chain

Strengthen the chain, increase earnings


For all types of companies where transport is an important area of business

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RouteHorizon is a software package for transport management implemented by Infora Research Group – a team of top mathematicians, programmers and creative researchers from Serbia.

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