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Why is dynamic routing crucial?

For a business that adjusts to every situation

Basically, calculating the shortest path is not enough.

It operates based on the data you get from the digital map and allows you to plan transport routes from multiple locations where you realize a loading, delivery, or service. The described procedure can be applied only if all locations and all parameters are available in advance.

But what about the problems and changes encountered during delivery?

The process of planning the route is complicated by more than a few times when business are based on high quality services: same day delivery, delivery the next day along with picking goods immediately upon arrival order, or accepting orders for location not provided previously.

The solution is RouteHorizon and dynamic routing.

Fast processing of all data

Precise analysis

Analyzing a huge amount of data to find the best routes for all drivers at the same time, manually would be practically impossible.

With RouteHorizon and dynamic routing, you get almost instantaneous calculations of the best solutions for all work tasks.
Find the shortest route for all the vehicles you have, considering all the information that is important for both you and your customer, increase your efficiency and operate more productively.

Immediate adjustment to circumstances

Solving problems as they occur

What about the costs of delays, breaking deadlines, customer satisfaction, and all the difficulties that plain calculating routes cannot help you?
Dynamic routing adapts to these situations – it allows you to route and constantly monitor the progress of the entire fleet in real time.
This adaptation to all current changes gives you space for rapid reactions and immediate answers to all possible complications and problems.

Successful Communication

Timely communication and data exchange

Poor information flow and communication problems are common organizational problems that companies face.
Delayed or incomplete communication between drivers, warehouse manager, salespeople, managers, and other people in the business chain leads to problems and losses.
RouteHorizon connects information from different sources at the time of its creation and allows insight and timely exchange of information between all Team members.

Improved Business

High quality service and always satisfied customers

Today, only a highly efficient company that does not agree with the average, and reduces errors and delays to a minimum, has the right to success.
With dynamic routing, you show that you aware of the business challenges, and that you are ready to respond to them adequately.
Get yourself a place in the top.

Research and development

We continuously listen needs of the market, follow modern trends and create the most efficient solutions.

Solution implementation

The implementation of new solutions requires intensive support. We are here for all your questions and concerns.

Consultations and trainings

Our team is always there for you. Employee training, consultations and trainings until the final autonomy in using application.


Plan to manage effectively

Dynamic routing

Shift routes in real time

Manage transport

Prompt and accurate deliveries

Improve the supply chain

Strengthen the chain, increase earnings


For all types of companies where transport is an important area of business

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RouteHorizon is a software package for transport management implemented by Infora Research Group – a team of top mathematicians, programmers and creative researchers from Serbia.

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