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RouteHorizon Agro

Software package for stable development and continual income of agricultural companies

The road to the plot of your suppliers is not marked on the map?
You need the information on the quantities in the field?
Do you want to improve the delivery of raw materials to your plant?
Do you want to digitize your business?

The solution is RouteHorizon Agro which consists of several modules, including web and android applications which help monitor the entire vegetative process of growing crops, including the organization of their transport from the field to the factories.


Fast processing of all data

Calculate the shortest and most convenient routes, assign them new and unplanned tasks, and update it all in an instant.
Keep current insight into the availability of vehicles and drivers, amounts in the field and better manage the delivery schedule in your plant.


Field book - full record for complete control

For modern agricultural production that finds its place on the market, the Field Book has become a necessity.
Large agricultural properties require complete and accurate records. With information about planting, yields, protection, types of crops, the list of machines and workers and all other relevant data scattered in different registers and records, it is almost impossible to get things under control.
Have an overview of all the information and follow the crop changes and all the activities that have been undertaken on a particular plantation.
Keep a record of all changes and follow the work for years.
A complete overview of costs and revenues for the current and previous year comparison with the level of profitability.
All data is just a click away from you.


Electronic delivery notes and travel order

RouteHorizon also has the functionality of issuing an electronic delivery note as part of its applications. The essence of the solution is in the digital confirmation of the owner of the goods that the goods are loaded on the vehicle, which speeds up the process of further data processing, becomes more precise and transparent, and issuing all invoices and accompanying documentation is possible immediately after receiving the goods.
RouteHorizon not only enables the creation of a digital travel order, but also makes it easier for the driver to fill it out by simply recording actions, where job data is retrieved from the system, location data from a mobile or tracking device, and mileage data from a digital tachograph.

Stable future

Work diary - a big change that is easy to get used to

Have an insight into the movement, location, and performance of each employee in real time.
It is a simple, intuitive, and easy-to-use tool and enables fast implementation by all users.
Work diary – another option that ensures you a stable position in the agriculture of the future.


The field book is intended primarily for plant production, but certain segments of it can be adapted to the needs of livestock farming.

Yes. Our team understands that it is very important to follow the plant stock for years. In that sense, this book keeps all important data so that you can organize the next plant in the best way.


Plan to manage effectively

Dynamic routing

Shift routes in real time

Manage transport

Prompt and accurate deliveries

Improve the supply chain

Strengthen the chain, increase earnings


For all types of companies where transport is an important area of business

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RouteHorizon is a software package for transport management implemented by Infora Research Group – a team of top mathematicians, programmers and creative researchers from Serbia.

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