Route Horizon optimizes several routes at once.
It handles the numerous constraints of vehicles, loaded items, time windows, serving times and others.




Intuitive user friendly application


Plan routes in three easy steps: import data and set optimization parameters, optimize routes and execute them, analyze results and adjust parameters.



Latest technology


Use web based SaaS application with interactive maps. It is available everywhere with an internet connection from any browser such as Google Chrome, Internet Explorer or Mozilla Firefox.



Four different optimization priorities


Distribute optimally with respect to: time, distance, number of vehicles or costs.



Time windows


Ensure customer satisfaction by delivering within the time window.



Cost calculator


Generate an overview of costs per route as well as overall costs for every calculated plan.



Manual correction


Manual modifications change the sequence of the stops or move work orders from one vehicle’s schedule to another one’s.


In development

Multiple breaks for drivers

Up to three breaks per route allow flexibility in planning breaks for any kind of business and also ensure that no related traffic laws and regulations will be violated.

Multiple capacities

Up to three different load capacities helps keeping balanced load across fleet.

Connection with GPS devices and smartphones

Plans can be shared with drivers via email that can be opened directly with smartphones or exported as files ready to be uploaded to drivers’ GPS devices.

API services

Quick and easy integration of Route Horizon with customer's existing software using our API.

Improve your service. Simple and efficient!

Using Route Horizon makes your business better organized, more efficient and productive, so you can serve more customers on time using the same resources.