Increase your profit by reducing costs, mileage and time spent.
Improve your logistics and increase customer satisfaction.


Save Time

Route Horizon is a tool for route optimization, transportation planning and fleet management. While planning routes in an optimal way, Route Horizon will help customers to save time.

Input data such as locations, tasks/orders and/or vehicles are easily imported from common file formats such as .xlsx or .csv. The export and import process can be made seamless by implementing our APIs. Our customers can integrate our tool within their system.
Route Horizon allows you to plan & optimize routes and tasks within just a few minutes.

Save Money

Route Horizon helps companies to reduce their logistic's costs.

When servings and loads are planned in an optimal way, transportation costs are reduced significantly.

Furthermore, Route Horizon helps companies to make strategic decisions such as where to place cross-docking stations, how a newly added customer can affect overall distribution costs and even what kind of vehicles best suite a customer’s business.

Use Route Horizon to define your planning horizon!

Reduce Distances

Route Horizon helps our customers manage their routes and plan their orders, cross docking stations and fleet effectively. Optimal routes are found for a specific set of locations with defined orders and available fleet.

Route Horizon reduces mileage driven up to 20% in comparison with manual route planning. Route Horizon is a user friendly application and planning routes using it is very easy and fast.

Route Horizon also provides extensive order management within time windows, and it allows customers to specify up to three different loading capacities for their goods.​


Customer Satisfaction

Route Horizon satisfies time windows, serving time and traffic condition constraints. The resulting routes are accurate and the times of arrival are predictable which increases customer satisfaction.

By collecting historical results about serving time and time windows, Route Horizon can improve its performance over time and become even more precise and accurate. This will lead to serving more customers on time with the same resources.

Users will optimize their routes and schedule their tasks while raising the service level.

Protect Environment

Green logistics means undertaking a whole set of measures in order to minimize the ecological impact of transportation activities. Some of these measures are:
- Route optimization
- Load optimization
- Optimizing physical logistics processes by using sophisticated IT support etc.

Because of that, using Route Horizon helps companies to become green. It helps to reduce mileage driven which simultaneously leads to lower fuel consumption and decreased carbon emissions.


Improve your service. Simple and efficient!

Using Route Horizon makes your business better organized, more efficient and productive, so you can serve more customers on time using the same resources.